Earning a high school diploma in Virginia is an accomplishment to be proud of. The state of Virginia requires students to complete at least 28 credit units of required courses and assessments in subjects like English, math, science and history in order to receive a standard high school diploma certificate. If you have lost your original copy, you can obtain another one suitable for framing and displaying in your home by getting in touch with the school where you graduated from. While you may have to pay a small fee and wait a few weeks, the effort will pay off with an official document that you can use as needed with an employer and display as desired to make others aware of your achievement.

Locate contact information for your high school. If you live in the same city where your high school is located, you can locate contact information for your school's office in your local phone book. Look up the school's name and phone number. If you have moved out of the city or to another state, look up your school's contact information online. If you cannot locate your high school, contact the Library of Virginia, which is responsible for maintaining a permanent file of all student educational records according to the Code of Virginia public records act.

Contact your high school office by phone and tell the receptionist that you are a graduate who needs a copy of your high school diploma. Be prepared to tell the person which year you graduated.

Ask if there is a fee and how long you will need to wait before you will receive a copy of your diploma. If you need your diploma faster, or proof of graduating, such as for a potential employer, give the school's contact information to the employer or ask the school if it can expedite the process to get you a copy of your diploma faster.

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