Putting together a creative photography project in high school can be an engaging way to learn more about your subject and become more deeply involved in a class or extracurricular activity. A photo essay focused on a topic that interests you will also reflect your passion for the subject.


Taking photos of friends is a natural activity, and the student can develop the idea by taking photos of his friends at school. If a friend is on the football team, the photo can be of him running down the field. If the friend is in the drama club, the photo can be of her acting out a scene on stage.


Taking photos of the school's different teachers while they are working will illustrate their various personalities. A photo of the science teacher peering over a test tube or of the PE coach blowing a whistle can emphasize different roles without using words, which is one of the main goals of photo essays --- story telling without language.


If the student is particularly interested in literature, a photo essay focused on her favorite books can illustrate that passion. She can take photos of various people reading classics including "Pride and Prejudice," "Romeo and Juliet" or "Little Women." The readers can sit in different positions, such as lying down or on a bench, for varied shots.


A photo essay focused on the school's local community can go a long way in showing the everyday faces of the area. The student can photograph examples of civil service, including shots of local policemen and firemen in action, or take photos of people giving back, perhaps at a soup kitchen or hospital.

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