One of the most memorable experiences in a young adult's life is senior year of high school. The exciting time highlights the transition to adulthood, with various privileges and responsibilities. School activities usually focus on college preparation, yet few commemorate the contributions of its seniors. Senior appreciation activities helps foster a sense of community and leave a lasting impression on the graduating class.

Slide Show

A slide show is a memorable way to communicate the senior class's experience with pictures, music, and video clips. It can be played during the graduation ceremony or on senior day. Photos should include as many different students as possible. A recording of the school song or a medley of high school-themed music can accompany the pictures and clips. A theme can complement the slide show, such as a now-and-then theme in which senior-year pictures follow those from freshman year or childhood.


A barbecue to which seniors can invite their family and teachers is a relaxing way to enjoy the end of the school year. A simple barbecue should include grilled meat, salad, chips, corn on the cob, baked beans and a variety of drinks and desserts. Cakes adorned with the school's colors and graduation decorations serve as fun treats. A game of volleyball or kickball between the boys and girls is a great way to end the event.


Rent-a-senior day is a tradition in which underclassmen purchase the services and company of a senior who has volunteered herself. The money is then donated towards a community organization or used to minimize the costs of senior prom. It is a way to honor and celebrate the previous four years and bridge the different grades. Seniors are excused from their classes for the day. Services range from walking around with freshmen to giving piano lessons.

Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremonies in auditoriums recognize the academic and social excellence of high school students. It highlights the contributions they have made during the four years. One of the conventional awards is "Most Likely to Succeed." Others focus on academic subjects, such as the student with the highest grade-point average in calculus. Funny senior awards, like "Most Likely to Still Be Living in His Mom's Basement," provide humor. A small reception can follow the ceremony.

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