Writing a testimonial speech can be stressful. You have to decide what to say, figure out how to say it and then worry about how your words will sound in front of an audience that might throw tomatoes if they don't like you. Take a deep breath and let the words flow from your heart. Practice before the big day so that when your nerves start to jiggle, your head can remember the words. And don't worry, most people won't actually throw any tomatoes.

Write a Testimonial Speech

Think of a funny anecdote that epitomizes the subject of your speech. A humorous start will warm up the crowd and make them more receptive to you. If you can't think of a funny story, think of something memorable the person did before segueing into the body of your speech.

Detail the person's attributes, and talk about what makes him a good person. You can illustrate a person's good character traits with other short stories. Tell the audience why you respect and appreciate the person.

List the person's accomplishments and discuss some challenges he encountered while achieving them. Achieving something despite challenges makes the feat more remarkable. Outlining the person's arduous journey will make the audience appreciate him more.

Use conversational words and simple sentences. Sometimes people try to wow audiences by using big words, but simpler is usually better when giving a speech. Plus, difficult words can make you trip up on your pronunciation.

Congratulate the person at the end of your speech, if the occasion warrants it. Tell him how proud you are, but avoid excessive sentimentality. Sometimes, less is more.


Practice your speech out loud as you work to memorize it. Ask a family member or close friend to sit as a practice audience and offer tips.

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