Prom night is something that most students look forward to their entire academic life. It's on this night that students get dressed up, and ultimately say goodbye to high school as they have one last event with the friends they have come to know for years. But prom night is not just about dancing the night away. A fun prom night should also include some exciting prom activities to make sure everyone is having a good time and sticks around until the end of the night, including students who don't enjoy dancing so much. If you're looking for good prom entertainment ideas or games for prom parties, there are many resources out there that can help.

A Photo Station

Having photos from prom night is a great way to keep the memories alive. Although students these days will have no problem taking plenty of pictures on their phones, a photo station is a great way for students to take a break from the dance floor and other prom activities to pose with their friends. You can find photo stations for occasions from proms to weddings, and they usually consist of props (such as funny hats, fake mustaches and signs). A prom committee can connect the photo station to a printer so that students can have their photos printed out on glossy photo paper.

A Movie Corner

For students who want to attend prom but aren't too keen on dancing, the prom committee can set up a movie corner in a section of the room where prom is taking place. The committee can ask students to take a vote on two movies before prom night approaches. Have the movie on a projector or a small TV, lay out cushions and blankets on the floor and perhaps set up a popcorn station, too.

Hold a Silent Auction or Raffles

A silent auction is a nice way for students to donate some money to charity on their prom night and win cool prizes. A prom committee can choose a few items, such as a snack basket or mysterious gift cards, and students can come and write down their private bids on a piece of paper. The person who has the highest bid wins the prize. If a prom committee doesn't want to do an auction, they can do something similar by offering raffle tickets for a $1 and picking raffle winners out of a hat.

Good Prom Entertainment Ideas

Games for prom parties help make sure everyone is included and having fun. The prom committee can implement any type of prom entertainment for this, including a game of Coke and Pepsi or musical chairs. Most students will remember how to play musical chairs from when they were young, but if they don't know Coke and Pepsi, it's an easy game to teach. Each student must pair up with one other student. One student will go to one side, the "Coke" side, and their partner will go to the opposite side, the "Pepsi" side. The DJ (or a teacher) will say either "Coke" or "Pepsi." If they say "Coke," then the "Pepsi" side must run to the "Coke" side, and vice versa. The last student to make it to the other side is out of the game.

Prom Fashion Show

One prom activity that the prom committee can do to change up the course of the night is a prom fashion show. Any student, couple or groups of friends who want to enter the fashion show can do so. There can be a stage setup, or contestants can simply make a runway in front of the DJ booth. Students who are watching the show can give cheers and applause to contestants they think have the best outfits for prom.

Prom Games for Adults

Teachers are a big part of a student's life from the moment a child enters kindergarten, and in high school, most students have a good relationship with their teachers. Therefore, it's a nice idea if the prom committee can incorporate the teachers into the prom activities by coming up with prom games for adults to play with their students. One of the best games for prom parties to play would be "Teacher Trivia" in which teachers come up with questions about themselves that students would need to answer. Or, teachers can collect baby pictures of themselves, and students have to guess which baby picture belongs to which teacher.

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