Graduation from middle school into junior high marks an important part of the transition into adulthood. While high school graduation celebrates a student’s completion of basic education and introduces her into a world of adult decisions and growth, graduation from eighth grade celebrates your child’s journey through the middle years of education and prepares her for exploring her passions. Middle school graduation ideas can help make the ceremony more special for everyone in attendance.

Induction into High School

Use the middle school graduation to get students excited about making high-school decisions like course options. High school lays the foundation for an adult life with course and activity choices helping to determine college eligibility. An art college aspirant needs to develop a portfolio by the end of high school while a musician-in-training needs to study music. Some 8th grade graduation ceremony ideas might include inviting the high school band and orchestra to play different songs for the graduating students as a way to focus on music opportunities. Options for eighth grade graduation decorations can include hanging art student paintings and photography on the ceremony auditorium or gym walls. To focus on science and math, having science displays from current eighth graders on display can showcase what they have learned in middle school.

Middle School Memory Video

One way to include memories as part of middle school graduation ceremony ideas is to create a memory video to show at the celebration. In the slide show, images and short videos of teachers, classrooms and student activities can also include a narrative about events that affected the students and the world during their middle school years. The slideshow can also include images of charitable actions within the community or world. Enlisting the school photography club to put together the video is another way to feature student artistic talent.

Time Capsule Graduation Memories

Middle grade graduation ceremony ideas might include a time capsule as a way to create more permanent memories for graduating middle school students. Students create a time capsule to find at a later date by including items reminiscent of their graduation year, advice to their future selves o advice to a future graduating 8th grade class. Opening the time capsule around their high school graduation is one option for reflection on their middle school experiences.

8th Grade Graduation Themes

Forming a student or parent team to choose overall 8th grade graduation themes can be a fun way to include students or families. Options for themes can include traditional graduation decor or familiar literary themes like Dr. Seuss encouraging students to move forward. Once the overall theme is decided, choosing tableware and decorations can be chosen to match the theme.

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