Ideas for Senior Skip Day

Senior ditch day is a rite of passage for every high school senior. Even students who don't normally ever skip school participate. Most high school administrators concede that senior ditch day is an expected part of the senior year calendar and do not punish the class for their last bit of high school fun. Senior ditch day is usually at the end of the year, after prom and before graduation, and is rarely ever on the first day of school. Most senior skip days consist of fun things and activities, involving amusement parks (like Six Flags), a group of friends, photoshoots, road trips, scavenger hunts, time capsules, and even t-shirts.

However, students who choose to participate in senior skip days also face challenges by school administration as they may be written up for truancy. These students choose to skip their school days and school work to have a fun day in their high school experience but can miss out on important school lessons and class activities in their learning.


Senior ditch day should be an opportunity for the whole senior class to spend time together to socialize and say goodbye. There is no better way than a nice outdoor picnic to achieve that goal. People come together with food, team games like soccer and volleyball, music and conversation. A senior ditch day at the park is a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can hang out together.

Pool Party

A pool party or beach party is another fun way to end senior year as a group. Activities like beach volleyball, Marco Polo, swimming races and diving competitions can bring together the whole group. The party can include music, food and a bonfire at the beach. Be sure to observe proper fire safety guidelines!


Sports is another great way to get the whole senior class involved and working together as a group. Senior ditch day can be held at a bowling alley, miniature golf course, batting cages or basketball courts. The class can organize a tournament so that while some classmates are playing, others have the opportunity to mingle and talk.

Community Service

After four long years of school, taking a day off to party is a deserved break but senior ditch day can also be spent doing something productive. The whole senior class can spend a day making an impact in the community and doing something unique to most senior ditch days. The class can volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or animal shelter or spend the day tutoring kids, picking up trash at a park, doing improvement projects at the school, like painting over graffiti or visiting a children's hospital or retirement home. Even if only a portion of senior ditch day is allocated to community service, it can be a way for the whole class to experience something meaningful together.

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