If you hold a GED certificate rather than a traditional high school diploma, you may think that your options are limited for gaining enrollment in a four-year college or university. According to the College Board, 95 percent of accredited colleges in the United States accept GED certificates as an alternative to a high school diploma, as long as applicants meet all other qualifications. In most cases, you can transfer from a technical school to a university with a GED.

Getting Into College With A GED

Many universities accept GED certificates for applicants who submit both their satisfactory GED test scores and their incomplete high school transcript. While requirements vary depending on the college, most schools are more likely to accept you as a transfer student from a community or technical college, but not if you simply apply as a GED holder with no further training. Thus, technical college training is beneficial and increases your chances of being accepted into a school.

Transferring from a Technical College

Since each college has a unique admissions process, it is important to sit down with your technical college advisor to determine the best path for you. While requirements vary, all four-year colleges require students to maintain a satisfactory grade point average of 2.0 or higher to gain admission to their institution. Most schools also require at least two years of completion in order for you to be considered as a transfer applicant.

Transferring Credits

Much like admission standards, credit for courses taken during your time at technical college vary. If the technical college you are attending is nationally accredited, most of your credits will transfer to the college you are applying to, but some may not. Colleges generally require a certain number of completed credit hours in order to consider you for transfer status. Many colleges have transfer equivalency systems that show how credit from other institutions will transfer to the new school.


Holding a GED and getting good grades in a technical college do not guarantee admission into a four-year college or university. The American Council on Educations states that only 43 percent of those students with GED credentials will enroll in a trade school or college within six years of completion of their GED. Since the college acceptance process is a competitive one, it is important to make the best grades you can and meet all expectations asked of you in order to ensure acceptance into your desired university.

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