Taking the GED test allows students who dropped out of high school the chance to earn an equivalency diploma. Once you obtain your GED, you can attend college or join the military (they require a diploma or GED for enlistment). You will also increase your chances of employment, since some employers require a diploma or GED as part of the hiring process. If you want to get paid to study for and pass the GED, there are several programs available.

Step 1

Research adult literacy programs in your area. Many nonprofit organizations offer programs that pay individuals to take the GED. Go to the National Institute for Literacy at LiteracyDirectory.org to locate an adult literacy program in your area.

Step 2

Research educational scholarships in your area. In many states you can receive a stipend, grant or scholarship for passing your GED. Visit the American Council on Education website to determine what options are available in your state.

Step 3

Join Job Corps and receive paid living expenses while studying for the GED, as well as a stipend once you complete your GED. Visit JobCorps.gov to locate the proper admissions representative for your area.


In addition to obtaining living expenses at Job Corps while pursuing your GED, you can also choose a trade. Consider what you would enjoy doing for a living to determine if they have a program to train you for.

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