The GED, or General Educational Development, is comprised of five tests. The GED high school equivalency diploma is awarded by your state. Each state has its own way of administering the test. In many states, the test is administered in one day, allowing you to get your GED in one day, or the state may break up the five tests and administer them in two days. The test results come quickly, usually within a week or two.

Locate a GED testing center close to your home by visiting the American Council on Education website. Click on "Find a GED Testing Center," then enter your zip code.

Call a testing center close to you and inquire as to their next test date. They will inform you as to what their fee is (usually around $50) and what paperwork you need to bring with you. Usually you will need to bring two forms of identification.

Arrive at your GED testing site on time with two forms of I.D. Bring at least two pencils, a calculator, lunch, drinks and a snack. If you're taking the test all in one day it will take six to eight hours.


You may be required to attend an orientation before you take the test.

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