Box Tops for Education is an initiative by General Mills to raise money for schools. Begun in 1996, the program has contributed more than $525 million as of 2014. Using the program is easy: Donors clip coupons, and schools collect and redeem them. General Mills pays 10 cents per coupon. Schools use the money to buy items beyond their budgets, such as playground equipment, library books and computers.

Coupons That Help Out

Hundreds of products boast the distinctive Box Tops logo, a pink label with an orange pencil. To donate, cut out the entire coupon and give to your school in an envelope or baggie, unless your school requests a specific method. General Mills also offers “eBoxTops,” which credit schools for online purchases. More than 90,000 schools participate in the program, and General Mills lists them online so you can find out if your local school collects Box Tops. Schools receive checks from General Mills twice a year for up to $20,000. Some schools, such as Rochester, New York’s Pinnacle School, provide children with puzzle-like sheets to make collecting the Box Tops more fun, and others offer competitions with a prize for the class that collects the most coupons.

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