Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, or JROTC programs, are programs for high school students sponsored by the United States Armed Forces. These programs are designed to develop citizenship and character in high school students through leadership and military training. Each branch's JROTC program differs in its emphasis, but none of the programs obligate student participants to military duty. If you are a student or high school principal interested in bringing a JROTC program to your campus, the process will vary depending on the sponsoring service branch.

Determine that your school has the ability to support a JROTC program. Most JROTC programs require a minimum cadet enrollment and also that the school provide classroom and administrative space for the program. Some branches also require that the school pay the instructors' salaries.

Decide which JROTC program best suits your school's interests and population. For example, the Air Force JROTC program provides aerospace science education along with community service while the Naval JROTC program includes coursework in naval science along with leadership training.

Collect any supporting information that shows your school student population desires and should have a JROTC program. A list of interested names from the student body or a report showing the benefits a JROTC program would bring to the school will help you make your case.

Prepare information about the program to present to your principal, if you are a student. If you are a principal, present the proposal the to school board if you need its approval for a JROTC program.

Obtain the approval of all required local school authorities.

Submit, or have your school principal submit, an application for a JROTC unit to the military branch selected.


The Navy and Army JROTC were not adding new units in 2011, although they are still accepting applications for future years.


The Coast Guard JROTC only has one unit, in Camden County, North Carolina.

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