Graduation ceremonies -- no matter the level of achievement of the graduate -- are an important occasion for both parents and their children. Preparation for these graduation ceremonies involves a lot of work and coordination among the school administration, children and parents. Kindergarten graduation is no exception, and an important part of the preparation is the graduation program. The responsibilities for designing paper program lies solely with the school administration, but the designs should be acceptable to everyone.

Planning the Ceremony

Find a theme for the graduation ceremony. Ensure that the theme covers what the parents expect their children have learned. Look for interesting themes that are talked about extensively by children, teachers and parents -- such as friendship, teamwork and honesty.

Ask parents, teachers and the children what they want included in the program. Inquire about their favorite activities within the school. Write down the suggestions that will be useful in designing the graduation program. Ensure the suggestions are in line with the theme of the graduation program.

Evaluate all the options you have and pick the most interesting activities to be included in the program; confirm these suggestions with your colleagues. Suggest that simple costumes be worn by the children in the ceremony. Allocate enough time for performances, speeches and handing out diplomas.

Designing the Paper Program

Translate the theme of the graduation to the paper program to ensure that the ceremony is well covered through the events listed. Indicate the colors of the graduation costumes on the paper program's front and back covers.

Include the words for the songs and the poems to be performed by the children at the back of the program, and list them in the order they are to be performed. Create sections for speeches by the children's teachers and a parent representative.

Compile the information for the program and take it to the relevant authority -- such as the school head -- for approval. Make any necessary changes. Account for the number of parents and members of the school administration who will attend the graduation to establish the number of copies you want printed. Confirm the cost of the copies with the printer. Give the printer exact instructions for the colors and design you want on the programs; if necessary, furnish the printer with color and design samples. Give a specific deadline that you want the programs completed.

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