Elementary schools across the country share the same economic woes. Fortunately, Box Tops for Education operates a program aimed to raise funding for schools by encouraging painless community involvement. By simply cutting coupons on the tops of boxes of products you already use, you can with very little effort improve your neighborhood schools. Students greatly benefit from the increased funding provided by the Box Tops for Education program.

Determine whether your school participates in Box Tops for Education by going to boxtops4education.com. Alternatively, ask your child's teacher or the school secretary whether the school participates.

Buy products with the Box Tops for Education coupons on the top of the box. Many name brand food items participate in this program. Carefully cut the Box Top coupon off of the box.

Bring or mail box top coupons to a participating school. According to boxtops4education.com, the school coordinator will mail in all the collected box top coupons. Schools receive redemption checks on Dec. 15 and April 15.

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