Increasingly, companies are offering scholarships to those who want to go to college. The Campbell's Soup Company is one of those. Some of the company's scholarships are only for employees and their children, but there are other scholarships available. As with all scholarships, read the fine print to make sure you are eligible before filling out applications and essays.

Employee Benefits

For any hardworking parent, the cost of college can seem overwhelming. Many companies are stepping up and giving their employees an added benefit by offering either the employee or the children of employees scholarships for furthering their education. The Campbell Soup Company gives scholarships to children of its employees. The amounts of the benefits vary. If you are a Campbell Soup Company employee, check with your human resources office to get more details on scholarships for your children.

Burlington Community College

Campbell's Soup Company offers a scholarship for students attending Burlington Community College. Applicants must live in Camden, New Jersey, to apply for this particular scholarship and must submit an application by April 1. Two $1000 awards are given out each year. Both full-time students, with a minimum of 12 credits, and part-time students, with a minimum of six credits scheduled, are eligible for the scholarship. Along with the application, applicants must submit an essay of up to 450 words about their career goals and why they want to attend Burlington Community College.

Labels for Education Program

Although not a traditional scholarship, Labels for Education is a program that schools may participate in if they need certain items for their schools, including exercise equipment, electronics, office supplies and educational books and games. Students of the schools bring in the labels from Campbell's soup cans. The school then sends these in to the Campbell's Soup Company to receive a form of credit. Usually a coordinator at the school signs the school up, collects the labels and chooses merchandise from a catalog offered by Campbell's.

Other Scholarships

From time to time Campbell's Soup Company partners with another company to provide larger scholarships. One of these was NBC's “American Dreams” contest with Scholastic. The contest awarded $100,000 to an essay finalist for his college education. Check with the Campbell's Soup Company website occasionally for this type of scholarship.

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