With many colleges going paperless and high schools using technology to track a student's progress, it's only natural to get your high school transcripts online. All official high school transcripts need to remain unsealed before submitted to your college of choice, so the ability to order and send your transcripts online ensures this occurs. Whether you order transcripts online, or print the order forms from the school's website, the goal of getting your transcripts to your preferred colleges is the same.

Order Online

Check your high school's website for online transcript ordering information. If your school permits online requests for transcripts, it's likely through a transcript management service that requires you to sign up for the service.

Create your account on the website that manages your high school's transcript service. Enter your identifying information and follow the directions on the website to finish the sign up process.

Select the colleges to receive a copy of your transcripts. If it doesn't pre-fill the admissions addresses for you, look on the college websites for that information.

Pay for your transcripts, if necessary, then follow up with the recipients to ensure delivery of the documents.

Printing an Online Order Form

Go to the high school website and locate the department that handles transcript requests. You may need to visit the school district website if the high school is closed, or if you've been out of school for a long time. A quick search of "transcripts" should bring up a link to the ordering information.

Read and follow the instructions for requesting an official high school transcript. Each school may have different requirements for obtaining these documents.

Print out and complete any official request forms for your transcripts. Send them via email, fax or mail to the address indicated on the form and follow up with the recipient to ensure delivery.

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