After years of schooling, a high school graduation is an important milestone in the lives of students and family. Celebrating this event in fun and creative ways can make graduating memorable. To make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, be sure to do fun things to commemorate a high school graduation.


  1. Announce the graduation to friends and family:

Instead of using a pre-made template for a graduation announcement, try doing something more creative. Whether it is a graduation-themed candy bar wrapper or a customized magnet, there are many unique ways that students can announce their big day to friends and family.

  1. Create a slide show of pictures of the graduate:

Ask friends and family to contribute their photos of the graduate and compile a slide show of pictures. The slide show can be made on a home computer or professionally made and burned to a DVD. To make the viewing even more memorable, consider playing the graduate’s favorite song during the slide show or adding funny captions to the photos.

  1. Thank teachers and mentors:

Acknowledging teachers and mentors at graduation is very satisfying. Instead of just writing a thank-you card, try something more creative such as writing a poem, making a video, taking a silly photo or recording a song. Take this opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped make a difference in the graduate’s life.


  1. Make a high school scrapbook:

Making a scrapbook is a great way to remember high school friends and memories. It is also a good opportunity to organize old pictures and mementos. Be sure to buy acid-free paper for the scrapbook so the photos won’t fade or turn yellow. Writing directly on photos with an acid-free photo pen is also a fun way to caption photos in a scrapbook.

  1. Decorate the graduate’s car:

Decorating a senior’s car with graduation flair will always be a fun way to announce to the world that they are moving on. Whether it is a simple graduation tassel hanging from the rearview mirror or shoe polish on the windows, decorating the graduate's car is a fun way to take pride in and celebrate a graduation.

  1. Decorate the graduation cap:

Your graduate can stand out from the crowd by decorating her graduation cap, which is also known as a mortarboard. Whether they are homemade embellishments, like rhinestones or coins, or store-bought stickers, the top of a mortarboard is a clean slate for personal messages and creative designs.


  1. Go to Prom:

Going to prom is the last opportunity for a senior to get dressed up and go to a school dance with friends. Even if doesn’t seem important at the time, go anyway so there will be no regrets in the future. Prom, the last dance of high school, is a right of passage for graduating seniors and it will be a memorable event for those who attend.

  1. Attend the graduation ceremony with friends and family:

Attending the graduation ceremony is a good way to commemorate such a big achievement. Even though it can be boring, the ceremony is an important tradition that will make parents proud and give students an opportunity to thank their favorite teachers and say goodbye to their peers.

  1. Throw a graduation party:

Throwing a high school graduation party is a good way celebrate the end of an era. Invite high school friends, family and teachers. Make the graduate’s favorite foods and toast to the future. A celebration is a good way to end the graduate’s high school experience.

  1. Go on a road trip with friends:

Traveling is an exciting way to celebrate the accomplishment of graduating from high school. There are many budget-friendly destinations all over the U.S. that are fun and easy to reach by car. Be sure to plan out the excursion thoroughly and calculate how much money will be needed for food, gas, lodging and spending money. Taking a road trip is an easy and inexpensive way to vacation and celebrate graduation.

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