Graduation announcements are not just for high school students. Graduating from college is an achievement to be proud of, and you should celebrate accordingly. The same goes for earning a graduate degree.

Announcements are different from invitations to the graduation ceremony in that they simply announce your achievement. Students who are graduating from medical school, or any other graduate school, are adults. This means that the rules change slightly for the announcements.

Order or create the announcements. Most schools print their own that you can order, but if you make your own, make sure they include all of the details: your name, the name of the medical school and the graduation date and time. Draft the announcement so that it comes from you. Once a student hits graduate school, announcements should no longer come from your parents, according to Emily Post's Etiquette Daily.

Place tickets to the event inside the announcement. Seating is usually limited, so choose your guests wisely. If you are going to have party, you can insert a small slip of paper with the details of the party printed on it as well.

Address the envelopes. You can do this by hand or have them printed, but always address and write thank-you notes -- if you get any graduation gifts -- by hand.

Send the announcements with graduation tickets at least two weeks before the ceremony. You can send all other announcements up to two weeks after the event, unless a party invitation is included with the announcement.

Make sure that your loved ones understand -- in a tactful manner -- that the announcement doesn't mean they can come to the ceremony. If they don't get tickets, they cannot come to the ceremony.

Recipients of announcements do not have to give gifts, according to Emily Post, but they might send gifts anyway. If you do not want gifts, add a line stating, "Please, no gifts," to the announcements.

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