Completion of graduate school is an accomplishment, and a gift will let the graduate know that you recognize this. The college the graduate attended is likely to have a bookstore with memorabilia that can be purchased as last-minute gifts, but if you want to put a little more thought into it, there are plenty of other ideas.

Diploma Frame

A diploma frame gives the graduate a way to display his accomplishment, and there are a variety of options that will allow you to personalize the frame. These include gold-plated medallions of the school and your choice of a metal or wood frame.

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Personalized Photo Album

A photo album in which the graduate can store memorable pictures of school and graduation day is another gift idea. Photo albums are available at many stores and online sites (see Resources) and can be personalized to include the graduate's name, graduation date, school colors or an inspirational phrase for the graduate as she pursues a career.

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One way to celebrate a graduation is to take some time off and have fun. A trip or cruise gives the graduate some time to relax before he enters the working world full-time.

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A briefcase can be a useful, thoughtful gift for the graduate as she begins her career. Be sure to keep the graduate's tastes in mind when you select the style, size and color.

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