Talent shows are a great way for schools to raise money and have fun doing it. They can bring students and parents together to cheer on friends and family members. Organizing a talent show can be fun, but unless you advertise it, people won't come to see it. First you must advertise to the students so they will sign up to be in the talent show, then you must do another round of advertising to get students and parents to attend the show.

Advertising for Talent

Make posters to hang up around the school. Place them in the cafeteria, on classroom doors and in the hallways. Make them bright and colorful so they catch students' attention.

Pass out fliers in the classroom. Have the teachers talk about the talent show as they pass them out.

Mention the talent show during morning announcements over the intercom system. The more the show is mentioned, the more likely students will be reminded of it.

Advertising the Show

Put up more posters around the school. Encourage students to come cheer their friends on in the show.

Put a note in the newsletter that gets mailed to each family. Make sure to include the date and time of the show; if you have a list of who is performing, include that information as well.

Send out postcards or emails to parents. Encourage them to support the school and students in the talent show.

Put an announcement on a sign in front of the school. Make sure it is large so that people driving by can read it quickly and clearly.

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