An Intelligence Quotient test, also known as an IQ Test, was originally used to detect if people, including children, had lower intelligence and needed to be placed in special education programs. According to Audiblox, psychologist Alfred Binet started the intelligence testing concept in France, when the French government appointed him to implement a method that could discover which kids were intellectually normal and which ones were below par.

Go to the website and test your IQ for free by accessing its IQ test. The IQ test provided by is PhD certified and determines your score and how you rank by evaluating nine different mental and intellectual abilities. The result of this test includes 25 pages that feature graphs, analysis, information, statistics, advice as well as career tips. This IQ test can only be taken once per computer and the test must be completed the first time because you will not be able to retake it again. The test is timed and it is automatically scored after 15 minutes whether you are finished or not. This IQ test consists of 30 multiple choice questions. To begin the test you must click the "Start Test" link displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Navigate to the site and take its cost-free IQ test to find out your IQ score. The cost-free IQ test provided by is extended to people who's native language is English (American); consequently, if English is not your first language your score could potentially be lower. With you have the ability to take a practice test prior to taking the main IQ test by clicking the "Okay, give me the practice test now" link. The IQ test provided by this site measures 13 mental abilities and scores are computed separately for each ability. The test consists of 38 questions which you need to respond in 13 minutes. If you take longer than the allotted time your score is penalized; however, if you finish prior to the 13 minute mark your score increases. You results are displayed after the test and an in depth results report is also available for $9.95 (as of April 2011).

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Browse to the website and discover your IQ score by taking its IQ test. is a free-to-use service that provides a fast and accurate IQ test. To take this test you will need to select your gender and enter you date of birth. This is a quick test that consists of four parts with 20 multiple choice questions. Once you complete the test you will be prompted to enter your email address to receive your test results. You will also be prompted to sign up for an offer; however, this is not mandatory. To skip all these offers simply click the "Pass" and "Skip" links until you get to your score results. Your IQ score results will be displayed on the upper-left region of the page.

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