GRE scores are available online approximately 10 to 15 days if you took the computer test. GRE scores for paper tests are available six weeks after the test date. You may view your score for free online, but you must pay a fee to receive your GRE score by phone. Test scores are valid for five years. If your test was taken longer than five years ago, it won't be possible to obtain a copy of your scores. Scores are purged from the archive after five years.

Sign Up

Access your GRE Account via the ETS website (link in Resources). Click the "Sign Up" button.

Input your personal information in the required fields. Your full name, date of birth, email, country, address, city and phone number are required fields. Additionally, you can provide your Social Security Number. Click "Continue."

Confirm your information is correct. Click "Continue" again.

Click the "User Name," "Password" and "Re-Enter Password" fields and enter the required information.

Click the "Security Question" drop-down menu and select a question from the list. Click the "Security Answer" field and provide your answer to the selected question.

Check the "I Understand and Agree to the Terms and Conditions Above" box and click "Submit" and "Continue." The next screen shows your account information and options for obtaining your score.

Sign In

Access your GRE Account via the ETS website if necessary (link in Resources). Enter your credentials into the User Name and Password fields and click "Sign In."

If you just finished creating a user account, you were automatically signed in to your account.

Click the "View Scores and Score Recipients" link in the Scores section.

Provide one of the following options for verifying your information. You can provide a 16-digit test confirmation or appointment number, the eight-digit paper-based confirmation number or your seven-digit registration number.

If you don't have the required information, contact GRE Services (link in Resources).

Click the "Select Month" and "Select Year" drop-down lists and select the month and year of your test.

Select the "Email Address," "Undergrad Institution Code" or "Paper Based Test Center" code and provide the requested information in the text field. Click "Submit."

Follow the remaining prompts to purchase and send your reports.

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