Advanced Placement (AP) classes are taken in high school for college credit. At the end of the one or two semester class, students take the College Board's AP exam for that subject area to be eligible for college credit. The results of the exam are sent to your home and to the colleges and universities of your choice. The AP number is used to track your scores and order reports.

Locate the AP Student Pack that you received when you took your AP test. Your AP number is printed on the front page at the top.

If you can't find the packet, find the removable card that came with it. The credit card style card is designed to fit into a wallet. Check places that you might have stuffed a wallet-sized identification card.

If all else fails, call the College Board's AP Services department to request your AP number. You'll need to provide some identifying information, such as your Social Security number, before the College Board will release the AP number to you. Reach the College Board at 609-771-7300.

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