Setting up your own online school can be difficult and time consuming. However, there are many online modules available to expedite the process. A school or individual wishing to be based online must have access to modern technology and the funding modern technology requires. With an appropriate business plan, proper funding and reliable access to the most current technology, educators and those wishing to create an online school can reach a worldwide audience that is virtually limitless.

Secure and learn how to use a computer with LAN or wireless Internet capability. A reliable Internet connection is an essential requirement to keep an online school operating efficiently.

Recruit educators with the level of experience and education you require. The courses you offer will be determined by the people who are willing to spend time teaching them. A decision will also need to be made about whether they'll be paid directly or receive payment from a school fund that every teacher's earnings go into.

Implement an online payment platform for services. No potential client or customer wants services that are difficult to pay for or acquire. Paypal is one of the most frequently used payment platforms available. Students can pay for services with their bank account or a debit or credit card. However, there are other services available as well, such as Whizpay, TwitPay and Mazooma. Each platform has different capabilities. It is also wise to consider whether foreign currency will be part of the type of payments accepted when selecting an online payment platform.

Select an online classroom platform. Though many are available--such as Drupaled and Moodle, to name a couple--not all of them have the same ease of use or options for administrators. Do some research on the various classroom platforms and see how easily you can merge one of them with your content and payment options.

Verify your rights to distribute access. Each platform is different, however, there may be a certain number of end-users that can subscribe to any given group. You, as the administrator would need to have each teacher run a group with a limited number of subscribers to keep from exceeding the subscription numbers. For example, Google Groups automatically restricts access for groups that exceed a certain number of end-users because it marks these groups as potential spam senders. Monitoring your rights to grant access is an important part of the legal and technological aspects of setting up an online school.

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