Before you can get into the college you really want to go to, you'll have to let them know how well you've done at your current school. Colleges keep records, called transcripts, of the academic history of all their students. Students transferring between universities are required to provide their new university with a copy of their official transcript before they are accepted into the school. Students must request a copy of their transcript be sent to their new university from the office of the registrar at their current university.

Go to the website of the registrar for the university you currently attend to order a transcript online. Provide your full name, address and student number, the name and address of the university where you want the transcript to be sent, and credit card information to pay any required fee.

Compose a letter to request a transcript by including your full name and address, student number, the name and address of the university where you're transferring, and a check or money order to cover any fees. Phone or visit the registrar's office if you are unsure what the fee is. Sign the letter before mailing it to your current university's office of the registrar.

Request transcripts by visiting your current university's office of the registrar in person. Again, provide all required information such as your name, student number and the name and address of the intended university. Pay any required fee and sign a transcript request form.

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  • Transcript fees differ at each university and college.

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