The GED or General Educational Development test is a high school alternative for students who are over the age of 16 and have not been enrolled in school for at least one year. The GED exam cannot be completed online and must be completed at an authorized testing center.

Required Scores

You must score at least 410 or greater on each of the five GED exams and have a combined score of 2250 on all five tests in order to be considered as having passed the test. Each section of the test is a different length and there are no penalties for wrong answers. On average, you must get 60 to 65 percent of each test correct to achieve the 410 score required to pass.

Testing Times

The GED test takes seven hours and five minutes to complete all five parts. The way the exam is given varies, depending on the testing center. Some centers allow you to take the exam in two sittings, while others allow you to take the exam in five parts. You can contact the GED centers in your area to find out your testing options.

Reading Results

GED scores are provided in two parts; the standard score and the percentile rank. Your standard score is your total test score and can be used to compare your test score across tests and testing forms. There are a number of GED test forms in circulation at any given time. Each version of the tests is different, but all are made equally difficult. The percentile rank is provided for each of the GED tests. This rank shows how your score compares to the scores of high school seniors graduating the year that you take the exam.


If you do not pass any part of the GED exam, you will be allowed to complete any unsuccessful portions of the exam again. This option is also available for the entire exam. The regulations for retesting vary, and you may be required to take a GED preparation course before you retest, or you may be required to wait a period of time before retesting. The GED exam provider in your area (see Resources) will be able to provide you with information regarding retesting rules and requirements.

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