No matter if you live in Toronto or Timmons, tests for General Education Development (GED) are available throughout Ontario, in either French or English. There are five components to the multiple-choice GED: reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. In Ontario, the GED test is conducted over two days, generally on a Friday evening and a Saturday morning. Testing can be arranged for groups with a minimum of 20 students and must be booked at least eight weeks in advance.

Step 1

Fill in the GED registration form, which is available from a community college or can be downloaded from the Internet. You have to prove that you are 18 or over, so include a photocopy of your Ontario driver’s license. Attach a letter verifying the date you left school from the last institution you attended.

Step 2

Send the application to the GED Coordinator at the Independent Learning Center in Toronto (see Resources). You will receive verification in the mail.

Step 3

Attend a GED preparation course. Check with an Ontario community college to find out when they are offering the next GED preparation class. Check with community organizations as well. Some private educational institutions also offer GED preparation for a fee.

Step 4

Study for the GED tests on your own. GED preparations books are available at local libraries, bookstores and community colleges. No matter where you live in Ontario, getting the study materials is possible.

Step 5

Get prepared. Make sure you take your Ontario driver’s license, as you have to produce the original of the photocopy you sent before you write the test. Organize a folder with paper, pens and pencils (take spare ones just in case) the day before the test. Get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast.

Step 6

Take the GED test and wait for the scores to arrive in your mailbox two to four weeks later.


Rewrites are available for GED. If you fail one section of the GED – math, for instance – you only have to rewrite that test.

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