So you've graduated high school, and you're getting ready to go to college. It's a big step, and, depending on how far away from home you go to school, it can be a lonely one. You start to consider what organizations to get involved in, and you have decided that the support system of a sorority is appealing to you. Here are some tips for how to prepare for sorority recruitment, from finding recs to figuring out what to wear.

Learn the terminology. If you are going through the recruitment process, you are formally referred to as a PNM, or potential new member. The recruitment process is informally known as rush, and you will be a rushee. Recommendations are referred to as recs, or formally as RIFs (recruitment information forms). You are a legacy if your sister, mother, grandmother and/or, in some cases, your aunt are members of a sorority.

Research the sororities at the school you will be attending. Go to the school's website and look up information on its sororities and its recruitment policies. Make a list of sororities at the school, and check out each sorority's website. You will have to register for recruitment, so find out any necessary information about that, as well.

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Start getting recommendations a few months or weeks in advance. Talk to your neighbors, women in your church, your teachers or your friends' mothers to see if they were in a sorority that is at your school. Find out if you are a legacy. If you are, you definitely want a rec, although it doesn't guarantee you admittance into the sorority. If you're having trouble getting recs, that's not a problem either. Not every sorority requires one, and those that do usually have an alumna on stand-by to write resume-based recs for the girls they want.

Make writing the rec as easy as possible. Include your resume, a picture and any information required. Many sororities require rec writers to use a form that is available online at the sorority's website. You can either give all the information to the rec writer and have her fill out the form online, or print out the form yourself and fill in all the information so that all she has to do is fill in the opinion boxes. On your resume, make sure to include your school, ACT or SAT score, overall GPA, leadership experience, any honors and awards, extracurricular activities and community service. Also give her an addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy for her to mail in.

Look over the recruitment packet you should receive after registering. This packet will list times, dates, party themes and any wardrobe requirements. Usually there are casual days, requiring nice shorts and sandals, and formal days, requiring dresses and heels.


  • During recruitment, remember to smile and be yourself!

Things Needed

  • Resume and picture
  • Recommendations
  • Clothing and shoes for the week of recruitment

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