The French club doesn't have to be just about learning the language. French clubs should also have activities that deal with French culture and history, as well as the cultures of nations with roots in French traditions. Have club members write down four unique activities, then submit them during the next meeting. Then have each member discuss the activity and why it will contribute to the club's overall mission. Afterward, all members vote on which ideas they like and the ideas with the most votes will be the activities you plan together.

Louisiana Culture

Since Louisiana was settled by French explorers, the culture can still be found there today. Have a Louisiana-style potluck dinner, where each club member brings a dish that reflects Louisiana's French heritage. Bring traditional Cajun instrumental music as well as New Orleans-style brass band music. Before the dinner, have a few club members give a brief history of the French influence in Louisiana both past and present.

France and the Fashion Industry

Because France plays an important role in the fashion industry, put on a skit for the school audience that profiles the life and career of a famous French fashion designer. Do a skit about the life of French designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. Numerous websites have credible biographies of Chanel and her innovative career. Near the end of the skit, do a mock fashion show.

French Movies

Feature French movies during the next meeting. Bring some snacks such as finger sandwiches, vegetables and onion dip, baked potato chips and fruit juices. Get French movies that have English subtitles and, before showing the movies, give members brief synopses of the movies they'll watch.

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