Becoming a member of a sorority after college requires you to use many of the same basic strategies that you would have used as an undergraduate. The main difference is, once college has been completed, membership can often only be obtained through a graduate chapter of a sorority. Those interested in becoming members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority have to be invited to join the organization. It is considered uncouth to solicit an invitation; however, there are several ways to demonstrate interest to the organization.

Networking is imperative.
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Stay informed of your local graduate chapter's various events. Check online for a calendar of events of the local AKA chapter you are interested in joining. Sorority members attend and host social, educational and cultural events, including many that are open to the public.

Become a familiar face at Alpha Kappa Alpha events.
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Attend a variety of events consistently. Members are constantly observing the attendees and making note of familiar faces. They also notice which events participants have attended. Attending the chapter's educational seminars as well as their social galas gives the impression of a well-rounded individual with varied interests. Networking and meeting the members also provides you with insight into the culture of the sorority as well as the kind of people they typically invite to join. Pay close attention to how the events are run and learn which members hold positions within the organization.

Learn and remember the members’ names. The members are more likely to remember the names of individuals who address them by their names. Committing names to memory demonstrates an interest in the chapter. When members sense that an individual is interested in becoming a member of their organization, they make a greater effort in getting to know the person. Establishing rapport and striking friendships with some of the members increases your chances of receiving an invitation to join.

Demonstrate genuine interest.
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Make your interest known. Send thank you notes to the members with whom you've formed a rapport with, and to the organization in general. When a member goes out of her way to befriend you, recognize this and verbally express gratitude. Take the opportunity to explain to her why you've chosen AKA. Members want to know that prospective members are genuinely interested in becoming a part of their sisterhood.

Practice patience. The period before the receipt of the formal invitation may or may not be lengthy. Unfamiliar people with no family or friends affiliated with AKA may not receive an invitation for a while.

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