High school drill team social committees have a big job to keep spirits high even when team members are worn out by long hard practices and competitions. Especially during football season and competition season, spirit and morale are difficult to keep high. The social committee has a lot of responsibility placed upon it but, with a little creativity, it will get the job done.


Social officers need to recognize various milestones throughout the school year, like birthdays and academics. For birthdays, have a monthly celebration that covers all of the girls who celebrate a birthday during the month. During the last month of the year, add the girls who celebrate a birthday during the summer months. Have a cake and give each birthday girl a token of appreciation like a button to wear or balloons. As a social committee, develop a birthday chant to be recited during birthday celebrations. It also is important to recognize high academic achievement each grading period. Recognize girls who receive all As and mostly As with one or two Bs to encourage the team to keep its grades up. For these recognitions, give each girl a certificate and announce their names in front of the team.

Spirit Tokens

The main purpose of the social committee is to keep spirits high. Spirit tokens help remind the girls on the drill team that they are important and special, especially when everyone is tired from practice during football and competition season. Spirit tokens are inexpensive to make but have a big impact. Use small items like pencils, stickers and candy. Create a fun message that relates to the item and attach it to it. Hand deliver the tokens to each girl or place them on their lockers. Give the girls Starburst candy and write a message like, "you are a true star." Another example is a Blow Pop with the message, "Blow us away at competition."


Another aspect of the social committee is planning parties throughout the year. Parties include an end-of-football-season party, holiday party, end-of-competition season party and end-of-year party. At the beginning of the year, host a welcome party to welcome new team members and begin the team bonding process. An ice cream social is an inexpensive way to host a welcome party. All you need are several gallons of ice cream, lots of sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream and toppings. Don't forget the bowls, spoons and napkins. This is a terrific way to get everyone together to socialize after practice one day. For other parties, be creative. Progressive dinner parties where the girls dress up and have appetizers at one house, the entree at another house and desserts at the last house also are a fun idea for a party anytime during the year. Karaoke, ice skating and bowling are great standby party ideas that are fun and easy to plan.

Community Service

The social committee should consider planning at least one large community service activity for the team. It is important as a team to give back to the community. Have a food drive for the local food bank. Participate in a local fun run by manning the aid stations. Do a penny drive at the school for victims of abuse, violence or natural disasters. Hold a carnival at a local children's hospital or Ronald McDonald House for sick children. Do a dance performance for a local nursing home.

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