Those who earn their GED have put in a lot of work to achieve their goal and would no doubt want to share their achievements with those around them. A GED is a General Education Diploma, which students who were never able to graduate from high school can earn. By taking a number of subject area tests, students can earn their GED and become a more desirable candidate for jobs or colleges. But, to do that, you will need your GED certificate to share with employers, college admissions counselors or just for yourself.

Facts About a GED

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to graduate high school. There are situations that arise in a teenager's life that make it difficult for them to earn their high school diploma with their other classmates. If you don't graduate from high school, the number of job opportunities is extremely limited, as most employers at least require a high school diploma or GED certificate. Ninety-five percent of U.S. colleges, universities and employers accept the GED, and 800,000 adults around the world take the GED test every year. Not only can a GED provide a person with a second chance at life, but it can also help boost a person's self-esteem.

How to Get a Printable GED Certificate for Free

Once you earn your GED, you'll receive a certificate that looks something like a high school diploma. But, to get an actual copy, you will have to pay anywhere from $15 to $65 from a site like Same Day Diplomas or even from the institution where you earned your GED. If you need to send or email an original copy of your GED to each employer you're interviewing with, that could get expensive. So, an alternative is to find a website where you can print off a GED certificate yourself. However, you must make sure this is allowed first.

On sites like or, you can select the certificate template you want or that most resembles your actual GED certificate, edit it to put in your name and school, and print it out for free. There are many other websites out there that allow you to do this, but they are credited with creating "fake" GED certificates, and this is not what you're looking to do.

Watch Out for Fake Certificates

Before you print off a free GED sample certificate, ask yourself why you are doing it. When applying to colleges, for instance, the original GED certificate or copy of the original is required, and most colleges will ask that you have it sent directly to them. If you have not actually acquired your GED, or you're simply trying to save money on having to order another certificate, then you should not do this. Doing this is fraud and depending on the severity of the crime, you can be prosecuted.

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