Being named homecoming queen is the dream of thousands of high school seniors across the country. As homecoming queen, you take center stage at your school's homecoming football game. You are crowned, receive flowers and are the center of attention. Before achieving this dream, you will first need to be nominated to your school's homecoming court. Follow these steps in order to increase your chances of seeing your name on the ballot.

Check with your high school about nomination rules. You may be required to a be a senior at some schools. Other schools may only require that you be a junior. Other schools may require that you are nominated by a club or athletic team of which you are a member.

Be friendly to everyone. If you want to be nominated for homecoming court, you cannot make enemies. Smile and socialize with everyone. Avoid just socializing with your usual group of friends.

Participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. The more clubs and sports you participate in, the more people you will get to know and the more people who will get to know you. Participants in activities are also perceived as well-rounded, which is one of the desirable qualities wanted in a homecoming court nominee.

Launch your own mini-campaign. Use your social media pages in order to let people know you want to be nominated. Make posts on Facebook walls or tweet to let your friends and acquaintances know about your interest in being nominated. Make friends with as many students in your high school as you can in order to increase awareness of your interest.

Make it known that you want to be nominated amongst your friends. Your friends may also be part of different social circles and organizations that you do not belong to. They can put in a good word for you.


Homecoming queens and kings are generally perceived as glamorous. Maintain a neat appearance. You do not have to have expensive or fancy clothes; just be sure to look well-groomed at all times.

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