As an athletic apparel company, Nike has a stake in investing in the future of athletics around the world. Through various initiatives, such as the Nike Community Impact Fund and the Nike Foundation, the company gives back to support future athletes and make the world a better place. The Nike Community Impact Fund supports exercise and recreation initiatives at the community level throughout the United States and the world. The Nike Foundation works to empower women and girls in the developing world. Its mission is to help alleviate poverty and create better lives for individual people. The Nike School Innovation Fund is also available to help Oregon schools start or expand their AVID programs.

The Nike Community Impact Fund

Nike Impact helps communities by making donations to existing nonprofits. Currently, Nike Impact awards grants in the following cities and countries: Barcelona, Belgium, Chicago, Detroit, East Los Angeles, Memphis, the Netherlands, New Orleans, New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Washington, D.C.

About Nike Grants

In these places, Nike Impact grants fund projects run by local nonprofits. Nike Impact projects are designed to help kids and schools reach their potential through physical activity, including sports and play. In most of these cities, Nike grants are awarded up to $50,000 per area. Individual Nike grants usually run for a year and come with funding that ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

To apply for one of these grants, visit Nike’s Community Impact website for more information.

What Is the Nike Foundation?

The Nike Foundation is a nonprofit organization that invests in the education and betterment of girls and women in the developing world. The freedom and welfare of women are often used as an indicator of the freedom and welfare of a country. By empowering women, the Nike Foundation seeks to alleviate global poverty. The foundation’s programs benefit women and girls by providing education and aiding in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Those wishing to learn more or volunteer can visit and for more information.

What Is the Nike School Innovation Fund?

The Nike School Innovation Fund is a part of the Nike Community Impact Fund that focuses on providing funding for academic programs for schools in Oregon. The primary purpose of the Nike School Innovation Fund is to help Oregon schools fund their AVID programs. AVID is a global education nonprofit that helps students from minority and underserved backgrounds learn academic and study techniques so that they can close the achievement gap.

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