There is a multitude of reasons why sports participation among children is beneficial. Combating childhood obesity, ensuring children receive sufficient physical fitness, enhancing social skills, strengthening family ties and improving children's patience and persistence are just a few factors in the importance of sports and youth, according to Schools, churches and youth development nonprofits nationwide are striving to implement strong sports programs, but it takes funding to ensure the success of youth sports. With research and a plan of action, you may be able to receive financial assistance for your organization or sports project.

Conduct online research. Many foundations and companies offering grants to nonprofits or schools will post funding information online. Finding potential funding online may make it easier for grant seekers to receive information and determine eligibility requirements. Some foundations and grant sources even welcome organizations to apply online. Check out for a list of grant opportunities that could possibly support your sports program for children.

Research government grant opportunities. Visit, and determine if there are any funding opportunities that match your needs in terms of enhancing your youth sports program. Government grant opportunities that match your needs in terms of children's sports could be in the government fields of education, health, nutrition and possibly community development, according to

Find out if there are any grant opportunities in your community. Many businesses or large companies offer funding to organizations in need of money to fund a specific project. For example, Walmart stores are located throughout the United States, and Walmart Foundation grants are available. According to, the Walmart Foundation supports projects and initiatives that are in the focus areas of education, health and wellness, environmental sustainability and workforce development. Your sports program could classify under the health and wellness focus area, and the foundation also places heavy emphasis on volunteerism by Walmart employees, according to Contact a manager at your local Walmart, or visit for more information. Research additional community grants in your area. Consider requesting a business sponsorship for your youth sports team.

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