Rockefeller Foundation College Scholarships are available through only a few prestigious higher education learning institutions. These Rockefeller scholarships are granted to students who are pursuing an education in fields that are aligned with the Rockefeller Foundation’s mission and goals. This scholarship program continues to be one of distinction, honor, and prestige.

History of the Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation was incorporated in 1913 in the state of New York, and John D. Rockefeller Sr. made gifts of $35 million in the first year of the foundation's existence. The foundation funding was created to help advance research and education throughout the world, and the organization supports many community grants, commemorative projects, and other philanthropic efforts. The Rockefeller Foundation also provides a college scholarship program and sponsors scholars to attend The Bellagio Center research facility in Italy.

Significance of the Rockefeller Scholarship

The Rockefeller family is one of the wealthiest families in America, and the Rockefeller Foundation is the second-oldest major philanthropic institution in the United States. The Foundation has created many distinct institutions that have helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations continue with their research efforts, support education, and advancement, and provide funding for important grants. The Rockefeller Foundation Grants are just one of several gifts offered by the private foundation for the advancement of humankind.

Function of the Rockefeller Foundation College Scholarships

Rockefeller Foundation College Scholarships support research and education in fields that support the Rockefeller Foundation’s philanthropic and social mission to "promote the well-being of humanity." These scholarships are only available to students pursuing specific programs in areas such as political affairs, medical research, eugenics, educational administration, and neurological sciences, amongst others.

Features of the Scholarship

Rockefeller Foundation College Scholarships are scholarships of distinction and are based on merit. They are available at select schools and higher education institutions around the United States and awarded to students pursuing specific programs. Some of the Foundation’s scholarships help support students at: Harvard University for the medical, business and administration schools, and the Center for International Affairs; Princeton University for studies in the Office of Population Research; Yale University for students attending the Institute of International Studies; and McGill University for studies at the Montreal Neurological Institute.

How to be Considered

Candidates interested in applying for the Rockefeller Foundation college scholarship program need to be enrolled full-time in school before submitting their scholarship applications. Eligibility requirements vary depending on the school and program of study, and most students will need to complete an essay and obtain references to support their applications. Students interested in applying for a scholarship for the residency program and conferences at The Bellagio Center need to apply through the Rockefeller Foundation's website.

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