In light of growing concern about pollution, resource shortages and new technologies, the field of environmental economics is an important research area in the discipline. Major research universities globally have established specialized programs in environmental economics. In an effort to assess the quality of the programs, the organization Research Papers In Economics provides rankings of the most influential centers for environmental economic research on the number and influence of publications.

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

The environmental economics program Harvard's Kennedy School of Government is one of the most prestigious in the world, according to RECEP. The program's faculty includes professors from a variety of disciplines including environmental science, economics and business. Students and faculty at the school have published prominent articles on diverse topics ranging from global climate change to smog to energy development. Researchers at the school work closely with colleagues at Tufts University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Crawford School of Public Policy

The Crawford School of Public Policy at Australian National University in Canberra is one of two Australian schools to earn recognition for environmental economics from RECEP. The school is home to the Environmental Economics Research Hub, a center that collaborates with organizations on biosecurity, agriculture, water policy and climate change research. At Crawford, environmental economics is an interdisciplinary program. The faculty includes experts in biology, chemistry and ecology in addition to economics. Due in part to Australia's unique climate, the school is among the world's leaders in agricultural and erosion research.

University of Queensland

The economics department at Australia's University of Queensland also offers a highly regarded program in environmental economics, according to RECEP. With a large group of faculty members and research fellows specializing in environmental economics, the school has published research on fish and forest resources, recreational land use and energy reserves. The school is also noted for its research on toxic waste and land and water quality.

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is the top-ranked public institution for environmental economics in the United States, according to RECEP. Postgraduate environmental economics students can take a variety of courses related to the discipline. Maryland focuses on tax policy as it relates to environmental issues. Students study cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis techniques regarding environmental regulations and taxation. Graduate students can study environmental economics as either a major or a minor in Maryland's economics department.

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