Finding funds to pay for college can be an exhausting endeavor. However, the wider you make your search, the better your chances are of getting through college without a large debt hanging over your head.

There are many types of fellowships, grants and scholarships that a student can apply to for college funds. Varied and generous, a Rotary Club scholarship can offer significant financial aid for the right candidate. A student who is helping to make the world a better place in a number of ways is an ideal candidate for a Rotary Club scholarship.

History and Mission of the Rotary Club

This international service organization has its roots in business and friendship. Since its start in 1905, the network of humanitarian service clubs has swelled to more than 34,000. Rotary clubs have a lengthy history as community-service organizations in every major city in the United States.

Rotary club members are expected to be active outside of their clubs to help their communities as well as individuals who can make the world a safer and healthier place. The mission of Rotary club members is to encourage service as a worthy endeavor on a daily basis. This is unofficially called the Rotarian spirit.

Rotary Global Grant Scholarship

A Rotary Global Grant Scholarship is for graduate students who are studying abroad. They must be involved in growing local economies, promoting peace, fighting disease, assisting mothers and children in life-saving ways, supporting education in far-off countries and working to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

The minimum budget for a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship is $30,000. The World Fund matches District Designated Funds that are used for the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship funds.

The District-funded grants can also be used to cover a six-week language training program or a year of local or overseas study on the graduate and undergraduate level. The amount of these scholarships can vary widely.

Types of Rotary Club Scholarships

Scholarships offered by the Rotary Foundation are centered around humanitarian subjects. These include water and sanitation or peace and conflict resolution. College students planning to study these areas should take advantage of the funds the Rotary Club scholarships make available through your local affiliate. Rotary scholarship requirements can vary by location.

Each club offers its own scholarship. Surprisingly, a rotary club sponsored scholarship is not available to members. In order to be eligible to apply, you cannot be a Rotary member or a family member of a club affiliate.

Contact the Rotary clubs in your area to find out the specific eligibility requirements and opportunities. A personal approach can strengthen your chances of obtaining a rewarding scholarship from the Rotary club. A candidate who reaches out and connects with a member has a better chance of obtaining a scholarship.

Rotary Club Scholarship Opportunities

Individual Rotary clubs offer scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study as well as secondary schooling.

Scholarship sponsors are eager to find ambitious students who can contribute to the school, community or society as a whole. They are looking to back potential rising stars who will make a difference.

The scholarships can provide funding for a year and up to four years. A Rotary scholarship for graduate students can assist them in finishing a dissertation or publishing a significant research paper if the focus is environmental or humanitarian.

Opportunities with Rotary Club Memberships

There are many benefits of joining a Rotary Club after completing your education. The Rotary Club was started as a way to create friendships and humanitarian assistance in bustling cities.

If you are involved in environmental issues, elevating struggling students or other community issues, joining a Rotary Club can further your personal and professional interests.

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