Making pre-k graduation crafts with your child helps celebrate his graduation from preschool while getting him excited about starting kindergarten. You can either make crafts with your child independently or work with other parents in the class to create one large group craft. Either way, don't forget to take lots of pictures for your family scrapbook!

Graduation Caps

Every graduate needs a graduation cap. Cut a large square from a sheet of colored poster board. Snip triangles from the square to make an angled cross shape. Fold the corners of the cross down and tape them together to form a hat base. Tape a second square to the top of the base to form the mortarboard. Add a colored tassel and use letter stickers to write your child's name on the top of the cap.

Graduation T-Shirts

Make customized T-shirts your little ones can wear during the graduation ceremony. Plus, these shirts double as special souvenirs from the event. Use computer clip art to design a "Class of" graduation logo that includes your child's graduation year and the name of the preschool. Print the logo onto iron-on transfer paper. Apply the transfer to a white or light gray T-shirt. Your graduate can have his friends sign the shirt using different colors of permanent markers.

Decorated Diploma Frame

If the preschool gives out a certificate to its graduates, have the child paint a wooden frame to display his diploma. Plain unfinished wooden frames painted with non-toxic acrylic craft paint work best for this project, although you can repurpose thrift store frames for the craft if necessary. Polka dot, striped or splatter paint backgrounds in school colors are the easiest designs for preschoolers to paint independently.

Preschool Yearbook

If the preschool does not have a formal yearbook, work together with other parents in the class to have the children create their own. Have each child draw a picture of his favorite preschool memory. Glue a photo of the child next to the picture. Write the child's name in large letters at the top of the page and add a sentence or two describing what the special memory is. Have the teacher write a letter for the entire class. Photocopy all of the pages and bind them together to make a souvenir yearbook for each preschool graduate. Let the children take turns signing the back of their classmate's yearbooks.

Preschool Time Capsule

Create a time capsule that your child can open when he is ready to graduate from high school. Decorate a clean glass jar with your child's name and his preschool graduation date. Inside the jar, place a photo of your child and the answers he has given to questions like "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and "Who is your hero?" You could also write a letter to your child telling him how proud you are of everything he has accomplished during the year. Ask the teacher to include a note or collect quotes and photos from some of your child's friends to include in the time capsule.

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