In the world of email, enclosing a document is a matter of clicking the "attachment" button and finding a file on your computer. When you deal with the written word and mail a document to someone, there are particular protocol you should follow to alert the reader to the document and provide other relevant information. Learn these protocol and use them to show respect for the people who receive the documents and impress them with your knowledge of correspondence.

Alert the recipient to the enclosed document in the body of the letter. A sentence that begins, "Please find enclosed ... ," and briefly describes the document is all you need.

Type the word "Enclosure" at the end of the letter, two lines beneath where you type your name.

Write "cc:" two lines beneath the word "Enclosure" and follow it with the names of other people who will receive the document. Name the first recipient after the "cc:" and list additional recipients beneath that person's name. Omit this step if only one person will receive the document.


Place a colon after the word "Enclosure," followed the number, in parentheses, of enclosed documents when you enclose multiple documents.

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