All colleges, universities and trade schools that participate in the federal student aid program have a Federal School Code which students must use on their FASFA application. The Department of Education administers the Federal Student Aid program through which students may apply for loans, grants and work-study money to be able to pay for college or technical schools. To qualify for federal programs, students must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FASFA.

How to Find a Federal School Code

Go to the Federal Student Aid website. On the website's main page, click on the section titled "School Code Search." Once on the search page, enter the school year and state where the school is located. Enter additional information such as the city and school's name. If the school has several campuses, your results will likely include the names and locations names of the campuses. Find your desired campus. The six-digit Federal School Code appears underneath the school's name and location. This procedure works for students or parents completing the FAFSA and will not work for users who are not going through this process, as visitors to the website must log in.

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