High school clubs provide activities for students of all interests and abilities. Clubs are one way for a student to extend her learning beyond the regular school day. These clubs also serve as social mixers and allow students to meet others with similar interests. Art clubs fulfill a number of other functions as well, such as helping a student increase her knowledge of the arts and providing a venue for her to express her creativity.

Developing Understanding and Appreciation of the Arts

High school art curricula include art appreciation and art history, but due to time limits, students are often only able to develop a basic understanding of these topics. Field trips to museums provide opportunities for students to develop their appreciation of art and their knowledge of art history and art techniques. Guest lectures and workshops by local artists give students a chance to work with professional artists.

Service Activities

Service activities are a common component of most high school clubs. Students can engage in service activities within the school as well as outside the school. For example, they can help beautify the school by creating murals for the hallways or classrooms. Art club members can make posters, signs and other decorations for special events such as homecoming or the spring carnival. Students also get involved in activities outside the school. For example, the Ridgewood High School Art Club (in Norridge, Ill.) helps local businesses by decorating their windows for the holidays. Art clubs can also organize community art fairs or provide after-school art activities for young people in the community.

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Attending Conventions and Fairs

Students can attend state, regional and national conventions of other art clubs, such as the Rembrandt Society Illinois Student Art Association. Additionally, students can engage in art competitions at some of these conventions. They can attend international art expositions as well. Some art clubs sponsor their own local competitions and festivals. The Big Foot High School Art Club sponsors visits to college and university art departments for students to get an idea of what is ahead in college.

Developing Artistic Skills

Students in an art club can develop their skills further than the limited time the classroom allows. For instance, they may have a special project that they want to pursue that requires more time and resources than generally available in class. Or, students may wish to create a group project such as making a movie and learning about the various skills involved in that process. Students can also learn how to prepare for an art exhibition. Additionally, students can develop their skills in a variety of forms of artistic expression such as sculpture, painting, acting, film making or photography.

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