Graduation, whether from preschool or college, is a time of celebration for parents. It allows kids to rejoice in an accomplishment and for parents to see their child transition into another stage of life. Gift giving can be a chance for parents to show their pride in their child's achievement. Although it can be tricky, there are several gift options available to parents who want their son to walk away happy.


Although not the most sentimental gift option, money can be a supreme option for high school and college graduates. High school graduates who are getting ready to move away and attend college will need every cent they can get as tuition rates, rent and living costs can be an extreme burden. College graduates face a similar problem of living expenses while attempting to find a source of income.

Sports Tickets

Many young men are interested in sports. A good gift option can be tickets to a sporting event for the avid sports fan. If the parent really wants to impress their child, season tickets can be an even better option, providing tickets to an entire season of games.

Sentimental Gifts

Although many parents might not opt for a sentimental gift for their son, it should still be an option, as transitioning from one life stage to the next can be an emotional time. Sentimental gifts also tend to be the most memorable. Ranging from photo albums with pictures of a child's life to a scrapbook filled with mementos, many items from around the house can be created into a sentimental gift with a little creative effort.

Job Searching Tools

For the college graduate, job searching can be difficult --- especially since each graduate is competing on the market against other fellow graduates from across the country. Job searching can be a complicated task, but parents can place their son one step ahead of the competition by giving a good job hunting gift. This might range from resume writing books, kits or services to subscriptions to job search engines, each of which can make the process of landing on your feet after college a bit easier.

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