A physician assistant (PA) is a healthcare professional who practices medicine under a medical physician's supervision. To become a PA, you have to undergo extensive training of two to three years of school and 40 weeks of clinical experience (also known as practicum rotation). PA graduates are exhausted and deserve something special. This year, present your hardworking PA with a gift that's both thoughtful and useful.

Diploma Frame

Your newly graduated PA will need a professional diploma frame to show off her hard-earned degree. You can purchase a diploma frame from her university or from a custom framing store. When selecting a frame, pick a professional looking color such as dark cherry, brown, or black. Wrap the frame in colorful wrapping paper.

Book Reader

A practicing PA reads a lot to keep up with medical current events. Splurge by purchasing a book reader such as the iPad or a Kindle. Your PA will not only appreciate your thoughtfulness but will use the gift often.

Home Services

PA graduates are often very busy, especially if they're undergoing rotation. Treat your PA to at-home services such as cleaning and meal delivery. Depending on the types of operations available in your area, many offer weekly, bi-monthly and monthly cleaning services in which one or two cleaning professionals will come into a home and perform services such as vacuuming, dishes, laundry, windows and more. Another way to make your PA's life easier is to deliver meals. Many services deliver gourmet dishes like duck Florentine, beef stroganoff and shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. All your PA needs to do is heat and eat.

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