Course registration for you finally opens, and you eagerly sign up for the classes you want, only to see that one is closed. When you find yourself in this common situation, do not panic. Use your school's electronic notification systems, get on a wait list, choose another course that fulfills the requirements, discuss the situation with your adviser, department head or the instructor or attend the first day of class to gain entry.

Electronic Options

Simply waiting for enrollment to change is one method for getting into a closed class. Most schools use an electronic registration system that tells students how many open seats a class has, so monitoring this system allows you to see when students drop. Some courses set up wait lists, automatically registering or notifying those on the list when a seat becomes available. Follow your school's wait-list system carefully so that you do not miss the opportunity.

Choose Another Course

Many institutions offer multiple sections of courses. You may find the same course but through a different instructor or at a different time. Other courses may satisfy the requirements you want to fulfill. For instance, instead of the filled American history course, you might be able to take world history. Your academic adviser can guide you regarding what classes represent the best choices for you.

Talk to the Instructor

Instructors can sometimes allow students into a full class, so meet with the teacher before the course begins to ask about entry. If you cannot meet with the instructor, talk to the department chair and get an administrative override or wait until the first day of class. Attend the first day and ask the professor if you can get permission to join.

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