Before withdrawing from a college course, speak with your college advisor or financial aid counselor to determine how dropping the course will affect your financial aid. Your financial aid may require that you complete a specific amount of units per semester; withdrawing from a course may take you under that load. You can enroll in another course, as long as the date for adding classes hasn't passed.

Withdraw from the college class online or by phone. Withdraw using the same online or phone number you used to enroll. This option is usually only available for the first couple of weeks after the course starts.

Drop the college class before the last date without receiving a "W" or "I" grade (e.g., withdrawal or incomplete). Typically, you must withdraw with a drop form after the second week of classes and before the middle of the semester to not receive an incomplete grade. Go to the counseling office and obtain a "drop form." Write your name, college ID or Social Security number on the form and the name and number of the course. Ask the course instructor to sign the form. Immediately, submit the drop form to the counseling office.

Petition to withdraw from the college course. If you've missed the last drop date, you will need to complete a petition to withdraw from the course. Most schools will not allow you to petition for withdrawal after you've completed all coursework or the final exam. Visit your college advisor or counseling office to obtain the necessary petition form. You will receive an incomplete grade if withdrawing from the course this late in the semester.


If you withdraw from the course soon enough, you may qualify for all or part of the course fees. Immediately go to the cashier's office to inquire about a refund for dropped classes. Also return books for that class, so you can receive a full refund. The bookstore may not allow textbook and material returns if the items are unwrapped or are returned after a certain date in the semester.

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