A General Educational Development (GED) test transcript indicates which portions of the GED the student has taken, passed and failed. Schools and employers may request a copy of the GED transcript. If you recently took the GED, you may be able to order a copy online. Otherwise, contact your state GED department or the secondary organization your state uses to obtain a copy.

Getting Your Transcript Online

Log on to the official GED website or your state's GED site to see whether you can get an online copy. You may have to pay a fee for additional electronic copies beyond the first you received. If your state uses a third-party vendor, you will likely need to set up an account. For instance, Colorado uses Diploma Sender. Students click to "sign up" and then add email and a password along with name, address and social security number. The service searches for your records and sends them via email, fax or regular mail. You may receive electronic results the same day while other methods usually take 10 days to two weeks.

Getting a Paper Copy

To obtain a paper copy, log on to the GED site to see how you should proceed and obtain a link to the proper source, which may be either your state's official site or a third party handling GED transcripts. Select the appropriate state link and follow the directions. You will be requested to fill out a form with your name, social security number and information about where and when you took the test. You may need to print out the form and mail it along with payment rather than paying online. For instance, students who tested in New York print out and send the form to the state department of education, where the request may take two to three weeks for processing.

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