It’s a slim piece of paper that holds so much potential. A GED certificate can expand the employment prospects of those who pass the high school equivalency test. Completing the layered test requires some studying and an understanding of the rules and regulations of taking the GED in the state where you reside. To clarify, the test itself can’t be taken at home. No GED online equivalency test can be completed without the supervision of a certified teacher or supervisor of the GED test.

Benefits of a GED

It may seem simple enough, but having graduated high school, either traditionally or through a high school equivalency process, shows employers that the potential hire they are considering has completed the steps to obtain a basic education and therefore has the resilience to successfully see a process through and complete a difficult test. Those with a high school degree or equivalent also tend to earn more money over their lifetime, which often has to do with that early fortitude to obtain that first degree in basic education. The impact of passing the GED has a ripple effect through your life.

What Is the GED?

If you can’t receive a high school diploma from your accredited school for some reason, a GED is a great option. While the two certificates are relatively the same, there are a few key differences. A GED, or general educational development certificate, shows that the recipient passed a series of tests in five areas. The subjects on the 2017 GED test included language arts reading, social studies, math and language arts writing.

To take the test you must be a minimum of 16 years of age and not currently enrolled in high school. The test must be completed at a certified location under supervision. It's best to take online tests to prepare, although it isn’t required. A student can take the GED three times a year at most. Each state has different policies, so check yours before you plant yourself in a seat at a certified GED location.

GED at Home

It’s a myth that those who take the GED lounge around at home and dabble in studying for the serious test. When a student passes the GED it shows they have the fortitude to withstand hours of independent study. They have shown they're proficient in what high school students across the country learned over a long period of time and under the tutelage of trained professionals. It’s an accomplishment not to be taken lightly. The more students study at home, the better they will do once they make an appointment at a certified GED location to take the test.

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