The General Educational Development (GED) tests were developed to certify a high school level of achievement for a person who did not complete or receive a high school diploma. There are five tests to pass to earn this high-school equivalency. While it is possible to prepare for the tests online, to obtain a GED in Pennsylvania the test must be taken at a test center.

Easy GED Preparation

Search for online GED preparation courses. There are some companies that charge for test prep courses, or you can use a free course like the one listed below in the resources section. There are five tests (each on a different subject); all five must be passed to earn the certification.

Take sample tests to assess areas where you need to spend more time, or to find areas of strength. There are several free sample GED online practice test sites; one is included in the resources below.

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Contact a test site in your area to register for the test. You can also request special accommodations for taking the test (i.e. large print or other requests). The price of the test(s) vary at each site.

You will need a photo ID, to prove your identity and residency. Only residents of Pennsylvania can take the exams at a Pennsylvania testing site. In addition, you must be 18 to take the exam. If you are 16 or 17, you will need additional documentation from your employer or school to take the test. Check the additional guidelines for Pennsylvania examinees in the resources section.

If you need to retake any part of the test, you will need to get details from your local testing center on scheduling. The policies on retaking the tests (i.e. how many tests can be taken in a day, how many times the test(s) can be retaken, and other details) are determined by each individual testing site, so check their guidelines.

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