If you are over 16 and haven't been graduated from high school, you can still get a high-school equivalency diploma through the GED (General Educational Development) process, which includes taking classes and passing five subject tests. When you have passed these tests, you can apply to college just as you could with a high-school diploma. As reported at DiplomaGuide.com, more than 90 percent of colleges will accept GED certificates in lieu of high-school diplomas.

Look at the undergraduate admissions section of the website of the college of your choice. See whether they accept the GED as an official transcript.

Get an official copy of your GED test results from the location where you took the GED test. The testing location will more than likely provide you with a form to fill out, and you will pay a small fee to obtain the transcript.

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Follow the application directions for the college or university. Include your GED test results, any letters of recommendations, immunization records, application fee and all other necessary documents.


  • You may be required to take the SAT or ACT. Check the rules of the application.

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